Hazards in Playground Inspections

Playground Inspection USA offers inspections, audits, and safety consulting services for commercial playgrounds at school systems, private schools, daycares, homeowners’ associations, and other organizations. On this page, you’ll see some examples of playground equipment that is no longer considered safe. Some are obvious, but others, like the spring animal below, take a trained eye to spot.



This spring animal looks fun to ride on, but it has 2 features that are banned under current playground regulations. These handles and footrests are considered eye-socket protrusions. They’re prohibited under ASTM Rule 6.3.2. They’re exactly the type of problems our playground inspectors are trained to spot.

Some of the playgrounds we inspect have very few problems. Other playgrounds feature play structure parts and swingset components that are so worn out that they make it to our Gallery of Shame. The parts you see below should have been replaced years before. In fact, it’s fortunate that no one got hurt while using those play areas.

Broken Playground Parts 1

This swing hanger came from a playground in Washington, D.C. Years ago, the bushing was solid. But constant use and outdoors exposure left it in tatters.

Broken Playground Parts 2

This hanging part was so badly worn through that it practically came off in the hands of our playground safety analyst.

Broken Playground Parts 3

When a swing part snaps, you don’t want your child to be involved. There’s no excuse for negligence like this.  Don’t skimp on parts just to save spare change