Links About Playground Inspections

Playground inspections are an important part of keeping your playground safe and protecting your legal interests. Here are some valuable sources for playground safety information:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC has done extensive research on playground safety. Their Handbook on Public Playground Safety contains the standards that you need to know, in an easy-to-read format.

playground inspections usa, audits, safety consulting servicesInternational Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). If you’re considering buying playground equipment, it should be from one of IPEMA’s members.

National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI). NPSI conducts research on playground safety and administers the training and licensing of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSIs).

American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ASTM writes technical playground standards that complement (in most cases) the CPSC Guidelines. (Note: These standards are generally not public information, and must be purchased.)

National Program for Playground Safety. Another good soruce for playground safety information.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC is better known for its research on diseases, but it has some information about playground safety, including a helpful factsheet about playground injuries.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG). The Americans with Disabilities Act is concerned more with equal access to facilities than with safety, but it’s very relevant to playground use and ownership.

Maryland Materials Playgrounds. Our full-service sister company sells, installs, and maintains playgrounds nation-wide. Its website also offers health and safety information, and it was recently quoted in a Washington Post article about home playground safety. Read the helpful feature, “10 Ways to Avoid Playground Lawsuits,” written by a licensed attorney and playground inspector.